Achieving goals together

Noah’s Ark welcomes you as a long term partner or for a short term need, groups or transitioning. We are here to help.

How we work

We deliver specialist therapy for children aged 0–13 years.

Popular Therapy Goals

Our Promise to You

We will:

  • Listen to you and respect you
  • Work in partnership with you
  • Work with you on the challenges that are important to you
  • Support you to make decisions with confidence
  • Share current information and knowledge with you
  • Be reliable, open and honest
Promise graphic
Mother and daughter on their devices for a Telehealth session


Your Key Worker can arrange Telehealth consultations to suit you. Video, text messages and phone calls are available all from the comfort and safety of your own home.
Read our FAQs on Telehealth
Family support

Support for Families

Better outcomes can be achieved when parents feel that they are not alone, are empowered and can share valuable experiences.
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